Theo van Meerendonk makes sculptures, paintings, large installations, performances and videos.In his autobiographical work he uses an Alter-ego, “Van Meerendonk” that tries to bend nature to his will. He makes roses bloom underground. Trees lose their young spring leaves and fish make a painting with their last breath. In his polder projects he is looking for the spirit of the polder. Loneliness, survival, descent and madness is what strikes “Van Meerendonk” here.
Theo van Meerendonk is friendly, accommodating and accessible. His alter ego, on the other hand, is strange, queer and maladjusted. This split is typical of his work.
Theo van Meerendonk works on assignment without alter-go and is then looking for connection, often rooting for information in search of the hidden treasure. As Art director he has realized large outdoor projects for the Elmar group until 2012.
Theo van Meerendonk was a prize winner of the Prix de Rome 1997. His work is in the collection Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Het Fries museum, private collections and Museum De Lakenhal.

Education:        - Fashion School Utrecht. (1986/1989) - Amsterdam University of the Arts. (1989/1990)
- Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.(Sculpture, cum laude).(1990/1995)
- Sandberg Institute, (Master program in fine arts), Amsterdam.(1995/1996)


- Current incentive prize. (1995)
- South Holland Visual Arts Prize for academy leavers. (1995)
- 2ndand Public Space.(1997)
- Basic prize Prix de Rome, Sculpture. (1997)
- RijnArt price, 3 dimensional. (2021)
- RijnArt prize, audience prize. (2021)


1995             - Pictura in Dordrecht.
                      - The factory in Eindhoven.
                      - Gallery Sta te Alpen aan de Rijn.
1996             - Arti et Amicitiae in Amsterdam.
                      - W139 in Amsterdam.                      
1997             - Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, “In the ditch, out of the ditch”, Municipal art purchase.
                      - Artis in 's-Hertogenbosch. 
                      - Defense Gallery in Leiden.
                      - Loods 6 in Amsterdam, Prix de Rome Sculpture.
                      - Fund for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture in Amsterdam.
                      - formerly “Het Argief” in The Hague (solo).
                      - Artis in 's-Hertogenbosch (solo).
1998             - Frisian Museum in Leeuwarden.
                      - Transshipment in Eindhoven.
                      - Not the Kunstvlaai in Amsterdam.
1999             - Cokkie Prune gallery in Rotterdam (solo).
                      - Niggerdijker in Groningen.  
                      - Kunstvlaai 3 in Amsterdam.
                      - Art Rai in Amsterdam.
2000             - Stelling Gallery in Leiden.
                      - De Overslag in Eindhoven (solo)
2001             - Room 01 in Antwerp (solo).
2002             - The shop in Woerden (solo).
2003             - Center for Visual Arts in Utrecht.
                      - City Museum in Woerden. 
                      - Breudijk meadow in Harmelen, along the Rotterdam/Utrecht track.
2006             - FLOSSuit in Groningen.
2007             - Kunstfort Vijfhuizen in Vijfhuizen.
                      - Art library in Utrecht.
2008             - Storm Foundation in Utrecht.
                      - Bunker pimping in Loenen.
2009             - Two-stroke in Utrecht.
2011             - Meating in Tilburg.
                      - 15 galleries and museums in the Netherlands and Belgium (sent by post).
2012             - Mirror image in Utrecht.
2015             - European soil transplant project, soil collection in VanMeerendonk's outsite studio.
2017             - Museum De Lakenhal in Leiden.
                      - Van Meerendonk's polder painting project in the Kamerik polder.
2018             - Polder project, in the Zegveldse polder.
2019             - Polder depression, Westdampark. (solo).
                      - Curator art park Woerden
2020             - Cultuur Platform, support subsidy.
                      - Painting van Meerendonk”, - polder virus -, Atelier project.
2021             - Rijnkunst prize, public prize and 3D prize.
                      - Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, Environmental body.
                      - Groene Hart library, “Van Meerendonk's stairs” - Take your junk upstairs -
                      - Member artistic direction, Singelkunst 2022 
                      - Performance black and white, Kloostertheater Woerden
                      - KUVO, various art inspiration sessions for secondary education.
                      - Organization Snaktpruk Woerden, westdampark.
 2022            - The sinker of van Meerendonk, Singelkunst 2022.
                      - The banner of Van Meerendonk, Kunstpark in Woerden.
                      - Design for the resurrected church tower Calslagen, in Aalsmeer.